Purpose statement 

The purpose of this organization is the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, using all available means to carry out His command to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.”

This purpose shall be carried out through a ministry to Hungarian-speaking peoples, employing literature, various electronic media, and Christian education.


“Serving Hungarian speaking peoples through literature, Internet, television, Bible education”

Unique characteristics

HMI is a relatively young organization as we celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2015. After the first 25 years, as we begin a new chapter of HMI, I feel the need to reiterate our goal, paving the main highway on how we are trying to reach our target area with the message of the Bible – Joseph Baranyi the Founder of HMI.

Our target audience is the Hungarian-speaking people, the message that we are sharing with them is the same Good News that our Lord proclaimed, namely not earthly success, not earthly kingdom, but heavenly values - something that we lost at the Garden of Eden - a relationship with our Heavenly Father.  This is what the prodigal son denied publicly and this is what his older brother never truly understood, what kind of treasure we have in our Heavenly Father who loves us just as much as in the parable the father of the prodigal son loved his sons.

Thankfully, many mission organizations have similar goals, as they proclaim the Gospel, plant new churches, rescue people in different stages of life and carry out some kind of good work for the glory of God.  What is the uniqueness of our ministry?  Why is HMI still necessary after more than twenty-five years? 

Most of the Christian workers, regardless of their sending organizations, are working in a local environment and concentrate on local and denominational problems and help people on an individual basis.  In 1972, when I started my radio ministry with Trans World Radio, I faced a unique challenge - I had to speak to a nationwide audience, and my listeners were from different denominations, from different living circumstances, and from different stages of life all over in the country, even including the surrounding countries around Hungary, where millions of Hungarian-speaking people lived, and as a matter of fact, my audience spread out all over the world.  For twenty years, I was able to reach them through the radio, and more than ten thousand letters proved that I succeeded.  When I started HMI, we applied the same vision.  We did not concentrate on one particular location or denomination, our target area remained all the Hungarian-speaking people, and we wanted to do the kind of work from which everyone could benefit.  Our ministry, practically on a daily basis, became twofold.  First, instead of using only the radio as a means of communication, we used the television and later on more and more the Internet, and second, we began various publishing activities.  But again, choosing the kind of publishing material made all the difference between our Publishing House and others who also started to publish Christian books.  We decided to publish books that had been missing from the Christian library for a long time, even for centuries, because no one had been willing or able to produce them.  These were basic Bible study tools, and later on the Bible itself.  Creating such books, like the Concordance or the Hungarian edition of the NIV Study Bible, and later on the revision of our four-century-old Karoli Bible, were painstakingly long projects, some took more than ten years to accomplish with a team of 27 people.  But now all these books are available to every Hungarian-speaking person, regardless of their location or denominational background. 

In the future, we would like to continue to work on other such projects that might become a blessing to a nation regardless of denominational background and circumstances.  Presently, we are working on the Hungarian edition of the ESV Study Bible, and we are planning to publish different new Bible editions.  Focusing on the Bible will not narrow our vision but quite the opposite, it will enable us to fulfill our long-standing goal: become a blessing to the whole nation.