In 2000, HMI/PROMED organized its first Christian media symposium in Budapest. Speakers included the leaders of PROMED, bishops from both the Lutheran and Reformed churches, representatives of media organizations, foreign and domestic, as well as representatives from various universities.

The second symposium was held on the 15th of June 2001.  Divided into three sessions as TV, radio - Internet and Christian literature and communication, forty-five speakers, among them 12 from the US and Western Europe, addressed the symposium. Dr. Kenneth Barker, General Editor of the NIV Study Bible was one of the keynote speakers of the symposium. The Hungarian Christian media was also well represented.

The symposium’s success went beyond our expectations. Hundreds attended the meetings. It was a pleasure to count Congressmen, as well as the Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister, among our guests, along with other distinguished state and church representatives, such as Nuncio Karl Josef Rauber. News agencies, reporters of the major newspapers, as well as the public television showed up, covering the events.